Top Rolex Nicknames Explained

Rolex sport models like the Submariner and the GMT Master II are some of the most sought-after watches. Their classic and robust design make them perfect choices for any occasion, and over the years with this increased familiarity a lot of these models have gained nicknames. So we figured we’d take a minute, have some […]

Retired Numbers in Sports | JEOPARDY!

– [Alex] Followed by, Retired Numbers in Sports. – Sports, 200, please. – [Alex] “After they retired Derek Jeter’s number 2 in 2017, “the only single-digit number left for this team was 0.” Randy. – What are, what is the Yankees? – Yes. – Sports, 800, please. – [Alex] “To honor Jackie Robinson, in 2014 […]

UFC 245 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 4

[Indistinct chatter] Volkanovski: Gonna loosen me up, get the body moving freely so I can do my thing. Man: Still got rocky legs. Volkanovski: Yeah, got them rocky legs. The rise of MMA in Australia’s, it’s huge, honestly, from when I started. I remember even just training MMA and still not many people even really […]

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