7 thoughts on “Faith-based group wants to fast track the Missouri law that would allow 17 year-olds to be prosecute

  1. Are these the same 17 year olds who carjacked that other girl and shot her? The girl who now faces half a million in medical expenses by the "robbery" at the hospital?

  2. "Immediately" as in before the election so they can vote. This is how the democrats sell out the innocent blacks. They favor criminals over victims if it means winning an election.

  3. According to stlmpd.org, a gun is pulled on a person 8x per day everyday in St. Louis city. This doesn't include the county or any suburbs. It's based on crime stats for this year up to the end of sept. This is not the time to get soft on crime.

  4. They are going about this the opposite way. The age needs to be dropped down to 13 years old to be prosecuted. Have you ever wondered why there has not been one functioning city that blk people have built that has ever lasted? Anywhere on the planet? Demanding outrageous BS laws like this is one of the reasons. They want everyone to live in a violent Ghetto just like they do. Well, it aint happening, honey-child!

  5. Africans have never built a lasting city. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98XHA9fKXI0&t=98s We must come to terms with these facts. We must lower, not raise the age of prosecuting violent generational welfare state criminals. This is why Stl is so violent as it is right now. Blk community leaders put the 'D' in Dysfunction.

  6. What would prison psychologist Marlin Newburn think of this proposal?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WMShY8a7a8&t=44s

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