Florida will change back the clock Sunday despite legislation to stay on Daylight Saving Time

SUNDAY! FALLING BACK MEANS AN HOUR OF EXTRA SLEEP SUNDAY!.. BUT IT WILL GET DARKER EARLIER. FLORIDA HAS ALREADY MADE MOVES TO KEEP DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME YEAR ROUND, BUT IT’S YET TO HAPPEN. NEWS 5’S KATARINA LUKETICH EXPLAINS WHY… AT 2 A.M. SUNDAY — WE’LL GO BACK ONE HOUR BUT NOT EVERYONE ENJOYS CHANGING THE CLOCK TWICE A YEAR “I personally think we should pick one and stick with it.” Katarina Luketich – News 5 “If Florida had its way — people wouldn’t be changing back the clocks on Sunday. They’ve already passed a measure to stay on daylight saving time year round.” BUT IN ORDER FOR A STATE TO MAKE THE CHANGE — IT NEEDS APPROVAL FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND CONGRESS HAS YET TO TAKE UP THEIR REQUEST WHEN IT COMES TO HEALTH — LOCAL SPECIALISTS SAY THE MAIN BENEFIT OF THE SWITCH IS NORMALIZING LIGHT IN THE MORNING Dr. William A. Broughton – Sleep medicine specialist, USA Health “If we kept it all year, then it would be dark well into the morning in the winter. We switch back so that we’re able to move more easily to work and back in a lighter environment.” KEEPING DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME IS SOMETHING THE ALABAMA LEGISLATURE HAS ALSO CONSIDERED — BUT IT’S NEVER GAINED ANY TRACTION. PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN FLORIDA ACKNOWLEDGE IT WOULD BE CONFUSING IF FOR PART OF THE YEAR THEY WOULD BE ON DIFFERENT TIME THAN THEIR NEIGHBORS Bill Brazzell – Pensacola resident “That’s the trade off I guess you have to have. I just wish Congress would pick it up and do it nationally. That would be the number one thing.” IT’S A TOPIC LAWMAKERS IN WASHINGTON HAVE BROUGHT UP — BUT HAVEN’T DISCUSSED. SO FOR NOW — EVERYONE WILL TURN THE CLOCKS BACK ON SUNDAY. FOR WKRG NEWS 5, I’M KATARINA LUKETICH TESTIMONY RESUMES NEXT WEEK IN

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