Honors Fast Track EUP

today we’re going to discover Hilton’s
fast-track commercial tools to drive demand after watching this short video
you’ll be able to better understand how to use the various honors fast-track and
upgrade schemes to turn your frequent guests into loyal fans of Hilton so they
will no longer want to use the competition and their loyalty programs
if you work in the hotel and you look after loyal guests whether from the
sales reservations or front desk departments then this video is for you in the variety of Hilton honest sales
tools we will focus on corporate business today there are other training
videos explaining some of the other areas you see on the screen if this is
your first time exploring Hilton on our sales tools please also have a look at
the sales to its PDF flyer that can be found in the honors section on market now going in to Hilton Honors fast track
let us first understand there is two different ways of fast tracking your
Hilton honors guests one you can see on the left hand side and this is a b2b
fast track that is usually negotiated by Hilton Worldwide sales it’s a free
established self enrollment process where your guests log on to the website
to fast-track themselves there’s design marketing materials for your hotels to
use this one the other one here on the right hand side is the local fast track
or status match this is done by your hotel individually for individual guests
and it’s done through a TA request form we’ll be exploring in a moment
keep in mind for this one though status match does not go to Diamond status gold
status is the highest available one going live into the lobby you’ll want to
go to my applications and then market once in market you’ll want to click on
Hilton Honors on the top right this will then lead you to the page here on that
page you want to click on revenue driving tools for hotels once there you
want to click on corporate business in the corporate business section you can
already see the bar on the top and fast track status match is the program that
we’re talking about here today you can see a b2b fast track list as a PDF which
refers to the Hilton Worldwide sales pre-established process or you can look
into local fast track and status match offers which are described on the bottom
of the page with the ter request form linked here this is an Excel spreadsheet also note that a hotel level exclusive
upgrade program is available which does not require a frequent travel by guests
and can be used as a powerful tool for key decision-makers your hotel would
like to entertain have a look at this form as well as you explore Hilton
Honors commercial tools you will want to look into other training videos we have
on local account bonus event bonus wedding incentive points and hips
program I hope you found this video helpful give us your rating at the
bottom of the page so we can produce more videos like it you

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