Mastering Spa-Francorchamps with Jimmy Broadbent – GT Sport Lap Guide

Hey guys. Jimmy here. And today is cool. Because today I am getting my first hands
on the Circuit de Spa Francorchamps. Right so here we are then on the circuit. We’re just about to start a lap. Now on the first lap round, I’m not gonna
be throwing this car around. I’m gonna be going round fairly slowly and
talking about racing lines which are very important of course when driving any racing track in real life or in a simulator. We’re in the Toyota Supra GR3 car and we’re coming up to La Source for the first time. Now I usually brake around the 100 metre mark, you can brake a little bit later in this car. And you have two lines really. You wanna try and almost come in and just
clip this kerb a little bit then straight line the exit all the way out here to the
kerb on the left. Try and really make sure you really unscrub
the tyres because doing that is how you lose time, you wanna be as smooth as possible. Now your coming down to one of the most iconic corners in the world. We’re gonna take it quite slowly down here
this is, the first part is Eau Rouge, follow the dark surface through there, come over
the top, straight line it over the top of Radion and again to the kerb here. It’s all about turning as little as possible. It might sound a little bit counterproductive
when your coming up to a corner at 200-odd km/h but nice and easy through there is how your gonna gain time. Now coming up the Kemmel straight, a lot steeper than you think it is and now braking for Les Combes. The good guys brake just at the start of this kerb here and the kerbs can be good or bad. Sometimes if your running a bit of a low setup, a bit of a stiff setup, hitting the kerbs is not the best way to go so just get as close as you can without touching them and again just straight line down. Now your coming down to Rivage. This is a downhill braking zone so it’s important to brake early here and expect the car to understeer. Get it in nice and tight on the inside here. If you’ve got a lot of grip, you can then
go to the outside to prepare yourself for No Name, actually I think it’s called Ickx
nowadays. And again use the kerb here, some bollards
on the inside, don’t touch those. You can run very wide on the exit, almost
touching the sort of astro turf there on the right. And then get back on the power coming down
to Pouhon. This is probably one of the trickiest corners
on the circuit for me because it’s all about getting the apex right. Turn in a bit later than you think, come in, touch this kerb here and go wide,
come back in and again just be nice and smooth. It’s so easy to lose time there if your being
a bit too aggressive. Now for the piff-paff, or the Fagnes chicane. Bit of a tricky one. Usually it’s kind of low downforce, low speed corner, usually 3rd or 4th as I am now. And it’s all about getting the exit right. The first part doesn’t matter so much, the
second part does because this is where you can lose a lot of time. And you come up now to Stavelot One and Two. Turn in late here and then aim for the kerb
on the left. Don’t be afraid of using the kerb. Use it to get a nice wide line to Stavelot Two. If you get it right you can just about be
flat coming out of Stavelot Two and then it’s full throttle all the way up the hill. Now we’re coming up to Blanchimont, one of, well the fastest corner on the circuit. It’s an absolute thrill if you get it right. So watch me now stack it and get it wrong. In the Supra, a little bit of a lift on the
way in for this again try and touch the kerb, well almost touch the kerb. Don’t be afraid to run a little bit wide here. Now look for the white line on the circuit
which comes up about here. That’s your braking point at maximum speed
for the Bus Stop. Really tricky through here, very slow so be
patient with the car, wait for the exit and then drive to the line… Or do it sideways like that. See be patient. We’ll try and do a quicker lap now. I say try, this is my first lap so be kind
to me. So coming up now to La Source. Down to 2nd gear. A little bit wide there, easy on the power
on exit, let the car grip up. And now just take a little bit of a brake. Look down below, the corner snaking up the hill in front of us is Eau Rouge. Absolutely fantastic corner to go through. We’ll see if we can go through it flat because
that’s the goal. No, a little bit of a lift through there. Big lift through there! So it’s a big lift in the Group 3 car. To get through there properly. Of course the big challenge for Eau Rouge
is always to try and do it fast, you’ve gotta give it at least one go. Now we’re gonna try and brake when the fast guys brake which is just at this kerb here when it starts on the left there. So there it is. Foot through the floor pretty much. Just about slowing it down there, that felt
like it was a little bit too quick going in. Get all the way over to the left here then
pitch it into the right. You want one movement if you can. Little bit too much power there, car was understeering
on the power. And again early brakes for Rivage. Early brakes, nice and patient. Keep it to the inside, little bit too slow
through there but you get the idea. On the power through here. Brush the brake, get the car rotating. And subtle on the power… Rip that bollard, he’s gone! And now coming down to Pouhon. Let’s try and get at least one corner right
on this lap shall we? Down on the brakes, turn in, soft and again
aim for here. Try and feel what the tyres are doing, the
tyres there just completely not co-operating with me. Maybe you shouldn’t take my word here for
this lap. Fagnes chicane. Nice and easy through here. You wouldn’t believe that I’ve driven a couple of 24 Hour races here, would you? Need a bit more practise in these Group 3 cars. It’s very slippy on this astro out here, try
and avoid that. Down for Stavelot One. It is a definitely a brush of the throttle
through Stavelot Two. You can’t quite go flat through there, well
I can’t anyway. Let’s see how Blanchimont is. Usually it’s a little bit of a blend in a
Group 3 car so I’m gonna guess probably the same, maybe even a downshift in this. Let’s have a look. Yeah, big lift through there but it’s important to do that, you don’t wanna go spearing off into the wall. Look for out white line, there it is. Probably get away with braking a little bit
later there. Cranking on the lock. Easy on the power, some of us try and get
sideways. And that was a rather messy lap of Spa. 2:21.3 Not quite as quick as our superstars. I’ll have another go though. Got a ghost to beat this time. Now that’s a different line through La Source, get on the power a bit earlier. Now we know from our last time through that Eau Rouge isn’t flat, which is a bit of a shame. Definitely not. So it’s gonna be a big lift through there
on the way in and just try and focus on the exit up the Kemmel. So we come through… tap the brake… woah, the car sliding there. You see my ghost going over the top, pretending that Radion doesn’t exit and even then on the exit, very hard to get
the car back into line once the front tyres load up. Let’s see if we can catch Mr. Ghosty shall we? Ok, look for our braking point, right on this
kerb here. Heavy on the brakes, flat on the brake pedal. Come back off again, it’s very easy to come off the brakes a little
bit too sharply but it’ll be nice and soft going off the brake. But quite a severe movement going onto it. You can brake a bit later here. Brake at the
kerb on the left there, there you go. That’s better, so your carrying a lot more
speed in. Little bit of throttle just to push us around And again, brush the brake. You’ve gotta be very easy because I know the car wants to go wide here. There’s the bollard from the last lap. Poor fella. Now Pouhon. A little bit of a slower entry I think in
this car. There you go. Nice and soft. And back on again. Very much a rhythm track this, once you get into a rhythm round here you can find yourself just getting lost in these corners. Spa is a circuit with just so much history. It’s so great to see it finally come back to Gran Turismo. It’s perfect for racing, especially in the
higher downforce cars, even of course in the GT 3 cars. It’s just one of those locations that every
game, every racing simulator should have and it’s great to have it back here. A little bit too aggressive there through Stavelot. Sometimes it’s like chasing the delta and
that’s very unhealthy. Especially if you are me and your not very good. So up into sixth gear. Even through there, that first part there
having a bit of an issue getting the car turned in So I’m gonna just roll it through in sixth there. There you go, very nice. We’re gonna brake a little bit after the white
line this time. So here. Try and turn a little bit early. Use a bit of this kerb. The kerb’s quite severe on these Bus Stop’s
here so it’s quite easy to knock them the wrong way and get the car rotating the way
you don’t want. There you go, a bit better. 2:19.7. I think we can go faster. There’s a lot of time to be gained here. Using first gear now, now easy on the power, it’s gonna want to spin up. Don’t let it. You see there, we gained three tenths in one
corner alone. It’s all about just identifying the areas
your a little bit weaker. Again brush off, back on the power. I’m gonna turn left nice and early here. Oh, that’s a little bit close to the trap there. We’ll pretend we didn’t see that. The stewards are on their lunch right now,
so it’s all good. And again, we’re looking for that kerb on
the left. Maybe brake just a hair before it. Just a hair. There you go. Ah, a little bit too aggressive there but
your getting an idea of the lines here. This is how you learn a circuit. Maybe at first you won’t be quite as quick
as the guys out there but that’s the progression. You do it in slow motion first then you kind
of just gently just speed it up. That was a little bit hairy into there. This Group 3 car really feels like it likes
being pointed in a straight line before you actually get on the power so it’s all about making sure you’ve got the
front end pointing the way you want before you unleash the turbo goodness. There you go. Soft through there. Actually kind of half-throttle through there
to make sure the car still turns and we’re now a second up on our best time. It’s just, the time just starts falling away
once you get into a rhythm. I say that and go a bit wide through there
but again it’s the exit of this second part of the chicane that matters. You can run a bit wider there if your feeling
brave, I wasn’t. Nice and soft application. I’m not using traction control, I’m using
the rotation of the rear to bring the car around some of the slower corners. So I’m kind of preferring not using traction
control in that scenario. So we got a couple more corners. We’re a second and a half up. This could be a good lap, it threatens to be. Well a good lap for me anyway. Small lift on the way in and then back on
the power, full back on the power. Just pushing the car through the corner. Brake just after the line, I’m getting a little
bit later with the brakes every time I come into the Bus Stop now. First gear through here. There it is. A little bit slow on exit there, lost a little
bit of time on exit but our time across the line… 2:18.2. Not to bad. That was a lap of the Spa circuit. Not the cleanest I’ve done in my life to be
honest but a good basis and if your maybe struggling to find lines and find your way around the
track, maybe this can be helpful for you.

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89 thoughts on “Mastering Spa-Francorchamps with Jimmy Broadbent – GT Sport Lap Guide

  1. You made my day when I realized Jimmy is still a human @3:37 min!! 😜 those rare moments… 😂
    Great track, great update, as always! 👍 …and the 🌧! 🤤

  2. Thank you GT and Jimmer for this! The way he's constantly looking for better ways to take a corner and that willpower to improve constantly makes him just like one of us random GT players. Really cool to see the process too, not just one super hotlap!

  3. thanks for uploading video of jimmy driving some simracing game. its been prety lonely since theres no update from jimmys channel for a few days

  4. Hello its me wimmy woadwent and I'm a dickhead that can't wronwonce my words wroperly but it dwoesnt stop me fwrom twalking shit and thwinking im gwood

  5. It is hard to talk and drive. While Jimmy is not alien fast, he does know what he is talking about, mostly. I would prefer that he drives from inside the car. It is possible, I do it all the time. Not that I am fast, but the immersion is so much better.

  6. Hey guys! “Jimmy Fanboi” Lad here!

    Spa was definitely tricky to figure out its braking and cornering spots. But I’m enjoying this track and I kept on mastering it to get my fastest hotlap. Thanks GT sport for this update.

  7. I've been through the course with the corner No Name,
    It felt good to get Spa in the rain.
    In the forest you can find your fame,
    Because there ain't no one to give you no pain.
    La la, la

  8. Maybe not the best driver, but he definitely needs to give himself more credit than he does. I mean, just try to commentate, give instructions about the racing line/braking points etc. AND drive all at the same time.. (While being on camera as well!!). Those professional sim racers might be faster but none of them give commentary half as good as Jimmer!

  9. Jimmy. You have some pull. Talk with Polyphony and get them to fix this absurd penalty system. I just did my first online Spa race and dropped from an S rated driver down to a C!!!! Now, if I was ramming guys off the track I could accept this, but no, I had a car behind that tapped me at least 30 times in the first few laps. Orange down arrow each time. Then I had two guys that were losing control of their cars and both bounced off me causing a total of 7 seconds of penalties to me!!! This has to stop, or I will be ditching GT Sport and racing elsewhere. You know what happens now. I end up racing C-rated drivers and may tumble further down. of I will sit at the back to get clean races and watch my herd earned B DR rating plummet.

  10. THE MOST un entertaining 10 minute video of Jimmers life….stay away from these fools, can't you see what they are doing to you

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