Hey y’all I’m here in Brazil Finally made it We’re about to meet some of the patients at the hospital and I brought candy I hope they like it We just finished meeting with a ton of babies They’re so little and cute! It’s been amazing I’ve loved meeting everybody and the babies are so tiny Like the one, she’s crying right now but her sucker cry is so quiet you can hardly hear it It’s adorable We just wrapped up the first day here in Brazil It was incredible To be candid, it started off pretty rough we had an eight to nine hour flight From New York City over here to Brazil grupo tres I know little to no Portuguese And little to no Spanish We got our stuff, got to the hotel and had less than an hour to unpack and get ready for the first event we had here Hearing about everything that Smile Train is doing for the children here For their families. The comprehensive care that they provide It really helped me and it brightened my mood It made me shake off the Z’s and the tiredness from our really long flight Just knowing that these people and these children are really being taken care of So we got to meet with some of the kids who are being treated here by Smile Train We met with some of the doctors treating them After that we had a little lunch A buffet, here in Brazil It was amazing. Love food. After that we finished with a group meeting with some more patients and their parents We hung out with them We played with Play-Doh We made some bracelets It was really really cool Goal! We’re going to hang out in Brazil, do a little sight seeing I brought my credit card I don’t know that my credit card is happy about that but I am Look at this view, y’all It is amazing Not me…the view Now where are we going? Food! Oh my God I’m so excited for food Hey Y’all it’s Cheslie Kryst, Miss USA 2019 and I want thank you for watching the official Miss USA YouTube channel Make sure you subscribe below to follow more exciting moments during my reign

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  1. I love my country, I do not trade Brazil anywhere in the world, thank you for visiting my state of Sao Paulo!

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