Backyard Games Battle | Dude Perfect

Hold on, ladies and gentlemen. Ah! Dude Perfect. Today we have an epic obstacle course with croquet, balance beams, trampolines, scooters, and more. Make your way through the course, getting as many deductions as possible. The fastest two times move on to the finale. Team Cory here– another day, another battle. Gar usually starts off. […]

I Wasted $200 on Wish…

– Wow. That’s much better than what you usually throw on the table. Hello and welcome to a very special edition of Mystery Tech, featuring money, because yes, I actually get to buy my own things this time. Thanks, Ken. The rules are very simple. I have a $200 budget to order things from a […]

Amazon Deals Take 1 Arrival (Casio Databank and Timex Weekender)

@watch_complications The box was torn, previously opened, and probably a prior return. 65 grams The hour subdial is off, but the hands can be reset with the start/stop pushers. Not a huge deal, but irritating when “new.” This is in the 3rd position (time setting), but it’s stuck in 2nd position (quick […]

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