Buy The Perfect Watch For YOU (10 Biggest Newbie Mistakes!)

10 Biggest Newbie Mistakes [0:00:00] [Music] So, I have a confession. Over the last three years I’ve bought 75 watches. Yeah, I’m addicted to timepieces. What’s funny is the excuses I was giving my wife have to evolve. Initially, I was like, “Oh. They’re product samples.” “They’re for videos.” “It’s a business expense.” And, once […]

15 Things Men Wear That Women LOVE

Lindsay: Psychologists have a term. It’s called representative bias. Basically, what that means is we have a short amount of time left a hundred milliseconds, to be exact, to make a first impression. Every time someone sees you, they make a snap judgment on you based on just what they see. So if you’re trying […]

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