21 Habits ONLY Super Stylish Men Have (Do You?)

21 Habits Super Stylish Men Have [0:00:00] [Music] First up, they look in the mirror every single day. They’re not a narcissist, they simply take pride in their appearance. When you look in the mirror, look at the man that you’ve become. Be proud of who you are, understand the message you’re sending the world […]

Buy The Perfect Watch For YOU (10 Biggest Newbie Mistakes!)

10 Biggest Newbie Mistakes [0:00:00] [Music] So, I have a confession. Over the last three years I’ve bought 75 watches. Yeah, I’m addicted to timepieces. What’s funny is the excuses I was giving my wife have to evolve. Initially, I was like, “Oh. They’re product samples.” “They’re for videos.” “It’s a business expense.” And, once […]

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