Snowkiting Is Every Extreme Winter Sport in One

(dramatic music) – Kiting does feel like flying because sometimes we actually do leave the ground and actually fly through the air. The feeling when you’re riding behind a snowkite is unlike any other feeling in the world. Just total freedom, it’s a combination of feeling like you’re flying or gliding across the ground with […]

Sports Rivalries That Took Things Too Far

If you’re into sports, there’s nothing like the thrill of watching a game. The adrenaline pounding, the pride in your heart after a win. You can never understand it unless you’ve felt it. But sometimes, the love of the game can go too far, as it did with these heated sports rivalries. Auburn and Alabama […]

Is TAZER SOCCER The Craziest Sport of All Time?

[MUSIC PLAYING] JACOB SOBOROFF: Hey, it’s Jacob. ALEX: And Alex. JACOB SOBOROFF: And today we are talking about the weirdest sports that you absolutely will not believe are real. And to get us started, I do have a question for you. ALEX: Yeah? JACOB SOBOROFF: Have you ever been kicked in the shins? ALEX: Well, […]

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