Rolex Submariner 16610 | C&C Hot Minute with a Watch

This men’s Rolex Submariner reference 16610 is currently trending on Featuring an automatic movement this watch is housed in a stainless steel case with a sapphire crystal. The watch is presented on Rolex’s stainless steel, oyster bracelet with minor flex. The case is 40 millimeters in diameter and shows faint scratches. Rolex manuals and […]

Key & Peele – Pre-Game Pump-Up

[all chanting] Hey, hey, hey, y’all, wait up, hold on. Hold on. Listen up. Listen up. – Yeah. – Come on, man. Y’all ready for this? (all) Yeah! That’s right, y’all. ‘Cause you know what? We only get one chance. [all cheering] Let’s leave it all on the field today. [all cheering] No doubt. We […]

Best Watches of 2019 According to the GPHG

Hello, welcome on and today we’ll get back on the results of the GPHG, the main awards ceremony of the watchmaking industry, which just took place in Geneva and celebrated 14 different watches in just as many categories, plus the watch judged best of the best of 2019, plus some added special jury prices […]

Baseball Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

This is the bat smash gonger Good to get first trickshot underway welcome to baseball trick shots Dude Perfect This is the bounce back swisher Do I get three points? Sure, it seemed like at least a three pointer Music: Here comes a shakedown We get approval for this? no we did not guarantee everybody […]

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