When Lady Gaga meets David Beckham

And how would you like me to address you? I guess Gaga or Lady, it’s up to you. -Lady it is. -Thank you. Lady Gaga is quite official. Lady it is, it feels official. Mr Beckham… Yes, please! David is more than fine. David? Okay, good. Should I shuffle them? Maybe, there’s quite a few. […]

How Timex Watches Are Made | The Making Of

Think of a watch, and you think of something that tells you the time. Or maybe you appreciate it as a fashion accessory. But crack that watch open, and beneath, you unearth another world, one of hundreds of tiny moving parts that work in sync. The art of watchmaking is often machine-based these days, but […]

Rolex Sky-Dweller Review

You are tuned in to Watch Your Style. My name is Eric. Today’s video is going to be a Rolex Sky-Dweller Review. The Sky-Dweller is the most complicated modern Rolex in production. It’s mostly meant for the frequent jet-setter. Some of the functions that the Sky-Dweller brings are: Dual Time Zone, an Annual Calendar and […]

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